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Digital Marketing Agency

A complete solution provider to your digital marketing need. Knowing how to do better SEO makes us one of the best SEO company in India. We learn we apply – this methodology has made us a specialist in digital marketing and a profound digital marketing agency.

What We Do

We Develop

SEO Mart India is specialized in providing website development services. Being a leading web development company India, we work close to the cutting edge technology and proven methodology to provide the best quality:


We Design

We take website design as an “Art” that delivers well with collaboration of technology and creative thinking. We believe in understanding your business, brand, objectives, USPs, services and your targeted markets before taking your web design project. It allows us to create unique, relevant and useful website design that matches well to your standard.

If you already have a website then our designing experts analyze your statistics and connect your site with tracking software to know what elements of your site are currently working and what areas need to improve. It will allow us to consciously think about a design that makes your website stand out in today’s highly competitive market.

Playing with the latest technology is our passion that makes us advance website design company India.

We Market

When we talk about SEO, every organization wants their products or services on the first page of search results leading to increase of sales, and cost effective to their clients.

SEO has become an essential part of online marketing. Believing this, we provide right kind of SEO strategy to win every situation and rank your website higher in search results. We provide complete profile report on services including Key Word search report, Link building submission, Social Media Optimization, Google Analytic and competitor analysis.

Our team of experts follows latest guidelines set by major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing helping in improving your site’s visibility leading to a considerable increase of sales of your online business. We offer high quality of work with affordable packages that suits your pocket.



We keep refining our processes to understand our client and its competition proficiently. The methodology has helped us in developing better customized Digital Marketing strategy for each of our clients.

Keyword Research

We use only those words and phrases that people use for searching either products or services.

On-Page Optimization

Optimizing web pages and its content in a way to improve ranking and increase in organic traffic.

Off-Page Optimization

Off-Page simply means to make your website popular outside of your domain to impact it ranking in SERPs.

Analysis & Refinement

We keep analyzing and changing your website's strategy based on how your targeted audience are reacting.


Why choose Us

Grow with Us

Understanding client’s requirement has helped us in building a customized Digital Marketing Strategy for each of our clients. Such strategies have helped our clients in taking major decisions. At SEO Mart India, we know how to keep you ahead of the competition. It will be not wrong to say to plan with us to see the right side of digital world.

Client's Words

If you are new, or considering replacing your SEO consultants, we will highly recommend SEO Mart India. They know what is going on in industry and what could possibly impact your ranking. My site not even existed prior to hiring them for the services. Now, I am on the first page of Google, thanks to them. They helped me in understanding the concept and how it works. I am going to recommend them to everyone.

Dr. Rachna Kucheria

Let's talk Facts

Smart SEO India Company

SEO Mart India is a leading digital marketing company. It has established by those Indians who have understood the SEO world closely and always try to keep themselves updated with the latest SEO techniques. They are those Indian SEO gurus who were working under top SEO companies of India. The idea of SEO Mart came in their mind when they had found that SEO services can be better when they work freely. These SEO gurus came together and in a short span of time they have able to make a unique recognition in the SEO marketing.

Focusing on pure search engine optimization is the GOAL of SEO Mart. It is committed to not only increase your ranking and visitors but increasing your business ROI (Rate of Interest) through successful search engine marketing.

Understanding Guidelines

Before focusing on our team and key features, we want to give a short account on these three important things.

Panda, the Google algorithm introduced in 2011 with an aim to lower the rank of thin or low-quality sites so that top quality sites could come to the top search results. The step is taken to improve the image of Google.

Penguin, the Google algorithm was first announced in 2014 to penalize websites using manipulative techniques (Black Hat SEO or unethical ways for getting ranking and visitors).

Hummingbird introduces for local market search engine optimization by targeting long tail keywords. For example, it is to target SEO Company India, the keyword must be focusing on area specific with the keyword “SEO Company”, the name of the place “India” also come in order to shorten the search criteria of users and provide fast results.

Keeping an eye on Google algorithms and follow them strictly is what making the SEO marketing company India different from other SEO companies.

What makes us different

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

We have a team of search engine specialists who analyse your website as well as competitor websites in order to enhance the quality of your website. Proper strategies are formed to make your online marketing successful and to beat your competitors.

Keyword Specialist

The SEO firm India has appointed a team of keyword specialist whose main focus is to find out relevant and popular long tail and short tail keywords. They keep an eye on the latest and popular phrases over the internet to optimize your website well.

Coding specialist

We have appointed a team of coding experts who analyse a website code and make it SEO friendly.

Content Marketing Experts

We have a team of content marketing experts who write content that is brand specific and keyword specific. Suppose, your website is on fashion clothing, the content focuses the same topic and the keyword is relevant to the topic to provide result oriented SEO marketing.

SEO Marketing Experts

SEO is of no use if it fails to protect your website from search engine penalties. Therefore, we and our all team of SEO experts conduct twice or thrice meetings in a month to focus on Panda and Penguin latest updates and creating strategies.

Social media specialist

Being a leading SEO agency India, we know that SEO and SMO, together make online marketing stronger. Our team of social media optimization helps gathering targeted traffic and creates brand awareness.

Key features that makes our services special

  • Competitor analysis
  • Coding and structure analysis– to improve look and feel of websites
  • On page and off page optimization—to help gather direct traffic to your website
  • Social media optimization—Improving B2C & B2B marketing
  • Image optimization—making images of websites SEO friendly, offer the service especially for e-commerce industry
  • Content marketing—listening to clients and right according to their desire.
  • NAP (Name Address & Phone Optimization)–to increase your business in the local market
  • Responsive SEO friendly Optimization– Making your website well-suitable for every screen resolution to increase traffic
  • Happy long term relationship
  • Consumer satisfaction—not only improving ranking, increasing traffic but also to improve your ROI
  • Affordable SEO services

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